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AS THE UK’S only specialist guitar nail technician, Midge Killen is in constant demand for professional shows and industry events.

Midge has showcased her unique talents at top events both in the UK and USA – and has a packed schedule of events ahead.

Despite challenging economic times in 2009, more and more professional guitarists are realising Midge’s custom-shaped nails give them a playing advantage, ensuring a constant flow of work.

Here’s a rundown of Midge’s latest events and press appearances – plus and where to find her in 2009.

LONDON INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL – Midge was the prestigious show’s very first Technical Advisor and ran a series of her celebrated Masterclasses to players from around the globe.

GQ MAGAZINE – Midge’s hand-blended Organic Oil Drops were featured in the upmarket men’s magazine, GQ, the first time a player’s product has graced its pages.

TRAVELLER MAGAZINE - The success of oil in GQ led to it being featured in the renowned Traveller magazine. The Editor recommended it for the ‘On The Run’ section – ideal for musicians who fly around the world for gigs.

MUSIC MAKER MAGAZINE – A full profile on Midge and the Amazing Nails 4 Guitarists appeared in popular industry magazine Music Maker in the August/September issue.

US NAIL CLINIC – As well as running her London and South coast workshops, Midge was contacted by award-winning, Oscar-nominated composer Mark Mancina to improve his nails and aid playing technique. Midge made regular visits to Mark in preparation for his musical director on the movie August Rush. Midge fitted Mark with custom overlay nails to help him with his studio sessions. In addition, Midge started a regular US nail clinics for American customers, based in Carmel, California – home to some of American’s most famous and creative guitarists.

LONDON INTERNATIONAL MUSIC SHOW – Midge was asked to provide the world-renowned show with its first-ever guitar nail advice. She ran a series of masterclasses and demonstrations, as well as one-to-one sessions with musicians.

ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE – Midge’s work was profiled in industry-favourite Acoustic Magazine. The publication ran a full-section profile and history of Amazing Nails 4 Guitarists.

CARMEL MUSIC SOCIETY – Midge jetted to the US for a celebrity appearance at the famous Carmel Music Society. Her appearance was arranged by the renowned Terrence Farrell of the Carmel Classic Guitar Society.  Midge held a sell-out lecture on guitarists nail care and appeared with celebrated Romeros – The Royal Family of Guitars. In addition, she was interviewed by Gary Hamada on his popular For Locals Only programme on the famous KRML radio in Carmel.

LONDON GUITAR FESTIVAL IN THE FALL – Brand-new London venue Kings Place asked Midge to hold a demonstration prior to the inaugural concerts by David Russell and Gerardo Nunez.

BATH INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL -  Artistic Director Tom Kerstens invited Midge for a two-day appearance at the Festival’s Summer School, where she held a lecture followed by a Q&A session, and demonstrated repairing guitarits’ nails with her most modern hand-crafter products.

ANTHONY PHILLIPS – Midge began working with composer and former Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips in October 2008, and their collaboration saw them placing reciprocal links on their websites.  Anthony said: “Midge was an angel of mercy for me when my weak nails kept breaking ahead of some important Orchestral sessions. She gave me a complete make-over and I was able to complete the task with an assured sound mind. A veritable miracle-worker!”

Midge is running a series of masterclasses and more exclusive one-to-one sessions. She is happy to visit you in the studio or at home, or hold sessions in her London or south coast salons. Please contact Midge for further details and prices.